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If you spot an error or omission let me know by email: 


Links are checked by Broken Link Check

This free website validation tool reports only hyperlinks that are really broken - unlike other popular tools which list both good and bad weblinks all mixed together making it very hard to comprehend and work with such "noisy" information. Also our linking problem finder analyses the entire site - its web-content as a whole, keeps track of issues already reported, and doesn't repeat the same invalid URL unless you ask about it: the tool is very flexible.


There is no Safari for Windows 10. It was discontinued years ago.
If you were using an old version of Safari for Windows on your PC / laptop before updating to Windows 10 for security you should no longer be using it.
Update to  Firefox or Chrome instead.

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, focuses on ensuring that users know, understand, and consent to the data collected about them. We do not collect any data on your use of this site.

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