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Carer's Links

Care Council for Wales was established by the Welsh Assembly to secure higher standards of conduct, practice and training across the social care workforce in Wales.

Where to turn - the Caring Matters Guide in pdf format. Published in 2002, but still mainly relevant as the essentials have not changed much.

Independent Age is a national charity getting the best care and support for older people, their families and carers. We do this by providing advice, information and financial support and by influencing policies, services and funding. includes a wide range of information for carers.

Solihull Carers Strategy (pdf)

Te Kahu Tauawhi Whānau (High and Complex Needs) is a collaboration between the Ministries of Health, Education and the Department of Child Youth and Family Services in New Zealand to improve outcomes for children and young people with high and complex needs. Some children and young people have needs so complicated that they cannot be met by just one of the health, education and social services (or ‘sectors’). These children and young people may be a danger to themselves or others, and their family/whānau/caregivers may be unable to provide the care they need.

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