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How is Long Term Care Defined

Long Term Care (LTC) is the regular care and support people need for months or years. It's also called continuing care.

People needing this service due to prolonged illness or disability, or frailty may get help from their local social services department or health care providers.

Your service providers should explain the rules or criteria they use to determine who is eligible for their services. Eligibility criteria and local charging policies are used to decide who will pay for care services.

In Scotland the personal care element of support should be available free of charge but the availability of staff is an ongoing challenge to professional Care Managers.


On this web-site the word carer does not mean care-worker or care staff of any kind who are paid to provide care as part of a contract of employment.

By carers we mean people who look after a relative or friend who need support because of age, physical or learning disability or illness, including mental illness.

Parent Carer

By parent carer we mean a parent of a disabled child. Parents will often see themselves as parents rather than carers, but their child will have additional care needs and may be entitled to additional services.

Young Carers

Young carers are persons under the age of 18 who have caring responsibilities for another family member who is either unwell (from either mental or physical illness) or disabled. The Department for Education and Skills now has responsibility for policy development of young carers.

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