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What does Long Term Care Mean? Who can you turn to for help?


The short answer is that currently there no such thing as a Long Term Care System in the U.K. It's divided up in truly British fashion between the National Health Service and Social Services in England or Social Work in Scotland. Each of which do a marvellous job but they have their own budgets to protect.

The definition of a public servant or functionary

Carers are left struggling with little or no guidance and often severe hardship - see carer's links page or new Alzheimer's Disease page for resources.

here is a theoretical statement published by Age Concern (only the spelling errors have been changed)

Please bear in mind age is irrelevant to individual care needs

Older people should expect a human centred, local service where they can find out what they need to know, at a time when they need to know it, and get effective help to act on that information.

Access to information should be at a local level wherever possible, and the information should be independent. Information should be accurate, up to date and when provided to the individual, should be provided in such a way to empower the individual to act where they wish to do so, or supported to do so where they may not be able to act on their own.

Any strategy for information for older people should be broad in scope and recognise that there is a wide variety or organisations that are in contact with, and provide information for older people.

It should explicitly recognise the diversity of needs and the diversity of avenues to obtain information. It should support and encourage the choice of routes to effective information. Older people have contact with many different organisations of many kinds, and part of the strategy should be in supporting the provision of relevant support to enable these networks to better signpost clients and service users to those services.

It should support groups who link these routes, with a clear recognition of their contribution, abilities and limitations. There should be recognition of boundaries between sign posting, information and advice, and support for a seamless transition between organisations where necessary, so that older people are supported through the whole experience.

Once the strategy is in place there is a need for measurable, intelligent indicators monitoring outcomes for older people. The strategy should also be clear in structure, with key measurable outcomes to show that progress is being made. There should be a clear national focus on improving information for older people, with support for local networks, and local organisations, provided both locally and through a national support structure.

Many healthcare providers lack the necessary knowledge and training to treat Venous Leg Ulcers.

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