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Crisis Care Management


Clarity write down what you want to happen so that you can review it at least once a week to check on progress.

Think about creating a weekly checklist that is divided into

Care matters (things related to providing care, medical and social appointments and support, medications and other care essentials, managing home care services)

home and financial matters (needing things to be repaired or replaced .,, eg light bulbs, loose areas of carpet where someone may trip and fall, attending to care and disability payments)

your personal needs (you must do something for yourself every day! Plan personal time of at least 30 minutes devoted only to what you want or need -- soaking in a hot tub, music, letter writing, a hobby. Try to plan your personal appointments when the home carers, friends or relatives are managing the home care situation so that you will be more likely to relax).

Commit to doing your very best right now, not in the future. If you don't have time to do a good job now, when will you find the time?

Focus on what you want to happen. Either solve distractions or (better still) ignore them.

Organize your files, diary and workspace... and keep it that way.

Plan to spend at least 15 minutes a say organizing paperwork, a desk or other drawer, or updating a care plan.

Motivate yourself even 20 minutes a day can make a big difference. "Mind Food" is important.

Education - if you want the best keep your mind open and stimulated. Read widely.

Connect - join up with others to help others (and yourself) cope better.

De-Stress - controlling this is not just important - it's essential!

Stress is proven to actually kill brain cells, and focus your mental activity in older portions of the brain which don't support creative thinking. It is not your friend!

Balance your life. Take time off to clear your mind. You need some play time with your family and friends. Get balanced, and you'll be far more productive and creative.

Be confident  so you can handle whatever life throws at you. If you have doubts start with them or you will just keep getting the same old problems coming back!

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